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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 parmanent link to this post

Why we need Firefox to take back the Internet

While working on the new template for my blog I realized why browsers like Firefox are indespensible to maintain a free and open Internet. Learn why.

Setting up my new layout for my blog I realized that the internet explorer 6.0 (IE) - which should actually be termed microsoft's Internet Restrictor - does not interpret the tags the same way like Firefox 1.0.7 does. At first I thought I messed something up, but then understood that its microsoft's "buggy" implementation of the W3C recommandations. Yet, as we learned from microsoft's history of ignoring non-microsoft standards (be it commercial or open-source)I'm actually convinced that microsoft intentionally ignors the W3C recommandations to establish their own standard.
Since so many users to today are surfing the internet with IE, the designers have to support the Internet explorers implementation of the HTML. In pre-firefox times the IE had a market share of 95%+. Ohter browsers had to implement microsoft's "interpretation" of the W3C recommandations for compatibility reasosns. In other terms: the world is using de-facto the Microsoft standard for HTML but not the one of the W3C any more.
With Mozilla Firefox now we have a browser wich strictly implements the W3C recommandations which means the results of your layout are predictable since the tags do what they are supposed to do. Thats why I chosse to check the layout only on Firefox and to use no hacks to make it compatible wiht IE. If webmasters continue to support IE, microsoft will go on to change standards at will.
Only increasing marketshare of a good free browser like Firefox can rescue the web foram beeing take over by microsoft. On many weblogs the statistics form the counters indicate that usage numbers of Firefox surpassed those of IE. This makes me hope for the future.
In conclusion we the users will decide which will be the destiny of the internet by choosing the browser. It's up to you. If you want microsoft to take over the web, then use IE. If you want the intenet to be open-source and free for anyone then use a free browser like Firefox.


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