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Sunday, November 06, 2005 parmanent link to this post

My Hi-Fi System

Here I post the components of my Hi-Fi systems for those who are interested. I shopped around a while and it took me a lot of listening and testing to find this set-up. May be its a help for someone who wants to set up its own system. Also I would appreciate all comments and ideas to improve mine.
  • Power Supply: AudioPlan PowerStar
  • Rack: Spider by finite elements
  • Speakers: B&W Nautilus 804 ->
  • Driven by a horizontal bi-amped set-up using:
(i) Integrated Amplifier: Electrocompaniet ECL-3 (drives woofers, serves as pre-amp)
(ii) Power Amplifier: Electrocompaniet AW60 FFT (drives tweeters and mid-ranges)

Both ampliefiers use the same internal set-up for the power amplifier. This makes them very suitable for be amping. Though, the needed some special adjustment/upgreat to adjust the output power (amplification factor) of both apmplifiers to the same level.
  • CD-Player: Audionet ART-V2
Very focused, clear warm and transparent sound with a convincing stage. Most bad recordings sound too sharp. Tough, this is a general draw back af adiophile hi-fi systems.


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