Computers 'n Stuff: Violoence on TV and in computer Games causes death!

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Saturday, January 08, 2005 parmanent link to this post

Violoence on TV and in computer Games causes death!

Why would somebody kill a man? Usually not for fun, I guess. Yet, in Egoshooters like Doom, Unreal Tournament, Counterstrike and others people kill for fun.

We all know this is not real, only computer games. Though, players with vulnerable personality might loose the contact to reality. By playing egoshooters the player learns that killing is fun and that killing very efficient makes him a winner. In conclusion killing makes him feel good and gives him the feeling of superiority.

Most people can distinguish between game and reality, but how can you rule out that that some can't? Those people who can't, might be out of the loop. They don't have the oportunity to experience different ways to assert themselves. They don't make many experiences to improve their social skills. They might be underdogs and don't know how to cope with their agressions. The only teacher for them who teaches them social skills and coping strategies is TV and computer games. What do they learn there? Violence! They get used to violence and killing. For them murder looses its terror.

So what will such a person do if he is frustrated, agressive or has problems and is seeing no future for himself??? He will do the only thing he knows! He will react agressively. Eventually he will kill, because he learned from the egoshooters killing makes him feel good and he thinks the same behoviour might have the same effect in real life. From TV he knows that the heros in the movies kill to achieve their goals. Then why not just try to immitate what he saw?

For a mature personality with an intact social background TV and violent computer games are no danger. Yet, for a vulnerable personality they sure are and it might trigger tragedies like in columbine.


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