Computers 'n Stuff: Microsoft came from the stone age and trys to bring us back there !!

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Sunday, January 09, 2005 parmanent link to this post

Microsoft came from the stone age and trys to bring us back there !!

Does anyone know if Microsoft has ever invented a piece of software technology? I can't think of one.
MS- Dos was bought from some other company and was originally named QD-Dos. QD-DOS which means quick and dirty disk operating system was a quick and dirty remake of CPM. Mulitmedia Application for PCs where first developped by Apple. Graphical user interfaces mulit-tasking and windows technology where first invented by Apple.
Not only that Microsoft doesen't invent anything it takes them forever to implement innovations into their software. They only start to improve their software if they spot a competitor. In this case their improvement is ment to destroy this competitor. A good example for this behavior is the browser war wich is now going into the second round.
The business practice of Microsoft is meant to destroy every competitor. This developement would mean that their would't be any improvement in software at all in the future. We would have to get used to buggy unstable und incomfortable software.
Good luck we have the open source community. This is our last chance to have better software in the future. As a result of their non-profit nature, Microsoft will never be able to destroy the open source project. I would advice everybody to support the open source project if he is interested in progress of software technology and comfortabel software.
Get Firefox! If you are a internet explorer user a first step would be to switch to firefox. This is the most modern, secure, comfortable and configurabel browser you can get at the moment.


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