Computers 'n Stuff: Testing the SLI mode in Linux

I here share the resolutions for my Linux problems so they might safe somebody some time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007 parmanent link to this post

Testing the SLI mode in Linux

If you have installed the Nvidia Drivers for Linux you want to know if the SLI mode is running. To do this you can enable the SLI Heads-Up-Display options Nvidia X Sever Settings GUI which can be installed by Yast. To do this start the utility select "OpenGL settings and check "enable sli heads up dispaly"

Now Select "X Server Display Configuration" and click on "Save to X Configuration File".

Now start an Application that should use SLI and on the left an HUD marked SLI should appear.

this should show you the overhead of you GPU but here you see no GPU load becaus the applicatiion does not put much strain on such a setup, however if you run DOOM3 or Quak4 which can both be installed on Linux you will the green bars filling up the white lines.

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