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Saturday, May 12, 2007 parmanent link to this post

Yet another quick search hack for Firefox

Finally a good way to search databases on Firefox. Although this firefox quick search plug in is really nice, however it gets a bit bulky from time to time. You need to nave a search plugin for each datablase and you need to activate it from the dropdown menu. That tends to be a little time consuming. This hack is great since you just need to enter an Keyword for you database and your search phrase. This is much quicker and more flexible when you want to search different databases than choosing it from the dropdown bar and you don't need a plugin
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Visit the page that has the search field that you search with. Right click on
the search field. Choose Add a Keyword for this Search...
The Add Bookmark dialog will appear. Give the bookmark a name, e.g.
"IMDB Search" and create a keyword e.g. "imdb" and file the Bookmark somewhere.
Firefox comes with a Quick Searches folder so you could use that. Click OK

Now enter imdb Matchstick Men into the Location bar and press

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