Computers 'n Stuff: ScribeFire and : A FireFox plugin for Bloggers. Probably the best bloggin solution for Linux Users

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Saturday, May 12, 2007 parmanent link to this post

ScribeFire and : A FireFox plugin for Bloggers. Probably the best bloggin solution for Linux Users

I was interested in finding a blogging tool for Linux.

I checked the tools which came with the OpenSuse distro. Namely:

  • Gnome blog poster

  • kBlog
Whereas both are extremely basic Kblog has the advantage of integrating in the KDE (kicker) task bar which enables your to blog right from your desktop I missed a lot of features I like.
I heard of Flok which is a supposed to be a nice blogging tool but actually is a webbrowser on its own based on the Firefox engine.

Firefox? Hm, maybe there is a plug in which can do the same, so I don't need to install another browser. So I started to look for a blogging plug in for firefox. And then I found one: ScribeFire.

This is a pretty good bloggin tool. It supports technorati tags, bookmarking. track back URL and blogger categories. Scribfire Plugin can bet toggeld using the F8 key. So you can copy and past your Blogpost while surfing.

However, the support of categories is incomplete yet, since it doesn't lists the categories you have used up to now. this would be a nice feature though.

It also posts the pictures from you desktop to blogger for you. However, it tells you that blogger does not support upload of pictures via API. . For now you have to fall back to the URL method as a blogger user i guess. (publish as dreaft first and upload the picture using the HTML interface upload of blogger.

Since it is a Firfox plugin you can use the Firefox build in spell check which is good !

Another nice tool I found is the clipmarks plugin. With this tool you can use the clipmark webservice to clip a pice of a website and insert it directly to your blog as a citation and then add a comment. This is handy when you want to blog any online material.

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