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Read se515 firmware root_fs using cramfs

The firmware of the SE515 can be decomposed with the SE515 tools. resulting in kernel, hader and root_fs files of which root_fs is the root file system of the embedded linux running on the SE515. A brief howto is found at the SE515 forum.

root_fs is big endian (big value on low adress) cramfs compressed. opening this file on a little endian host (little value on low adress) like intel ix86 PC results in following error message:

# cramfsck: superblock magic not found

So cramfsswap can be used to convert from big endian to little endian.

found at swaps file from big endian (mips, se515) to little endian (iX86, Linux)

After swapping endianess cramfsck generates new error message
# cramfsck: memory access error

Yet, after
#modprobe cramfs

(works for suse 9.1 where cramfs support seems to be supported as a module) the SE515 root_fs can be mounted:

#mount -o loop -t cramfs image_file /mount/point

Though, the file structure can be accessed the files can not be opened. They seem to be empty. This is problably due to LZMA compression of the root_fs.

I turned out that we have to use patched patched by the broadcom sourceforge project to extract the root_fs of the firmware. The patched version of cramfsck can detect and swap endianess on the fly. Moreover it supports LZMA compression wich is used by the SE515 but not implemented in the official

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