Computers 'n Stuff: Using wget to convert a server side CMS into Offline/client site/desktop CMS

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 parmanent link to this post

Using wget to convert a server side CMS into Offline/client site/desktop CMS

I have a little bit of webspace for hosting a private homepage, but the provider supports pretty much nothing, no root acces not, CMS not php or mysql. Here are some thoughts how to use a client side cms to build static html.

The Idea is as follows. I want to use my webspace to host a little private host site. But the privider supports no php cgi or mysql. He doesent have content management or wikis or the like. So the only option is static html. But for linux there are not so many tools that help you in generating static html websites. Exept may be html preprocessors. However, today the world is using php so why not using php as the html preprocessor. So I ended up hosting MySQL Apache and PHP locally on the client side and then ripped my own site using wget. I use OpenSuse 10.2 and all this runs out of the box.

wget --mirror -r –p -k --html-extension –-convert-links –P /home/ich/Downloads/mirror/mdiawiki http://localhost:8080/mylinux

This way i can use server side includes in convert them to static html. It works also for zope or plone generated sites but setting up a zope site is not as easy as I thought. So I think its easier to use includes to seperate the index and template from the content so that I dont need to edit everythin by hand.


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